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Here are a list of Projects that I have worked on both academic and personal.  

Four On Eleven
- Documentary


The Documentary is on the Fading Glory of  Parsi Cricket .

The Documentary is a Passion Project of mine in filming my love towards cricket and storytelling.
The Subject is about the glory of Parsi Cricket in India and the decline in the emergence of young Parsi Cricketers.
I Directed, Edited, Researched, and Interviewed, I
n the process of making the documentary.

- A Short Film for Mumbai Police


An Initiative by Cyber Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police .

The Short Film is made to create awarness on cyber crime for Maharastra State.

Aimed to show at government school kids. parents and villagers.
As the director, the aim was to communicate the message through a fictional story by targeting the rural audiance.

Director Sashi Kiran Tikka
- Interview

Celebrity Interview

An Insightful Conversation with the Critically Acclaimed Director, Sashi Kiran Tikka who shares his Jouney with Cinema.
The International Sucess of the Award Winning Movie "Major" and a film school expierence.
It was an Honour to Interview the Director.

- Music Video

Directors Assistant

Shot, Scripted and Edited the music video in 4 days in Khandala

Handled production equipment including cameras, lighting equipment, and microphones.
Supported Directors creative solutions in script, shot taking and editing.
Performed other duties as assigned by the director.

- Short Film

Production designer

Final Diploma Film

The Short film was my final diploma film, where I was the Production designer and VFX artist.

Handled 150+ Props, made PPT's and Excel Sheets.
Made the VFX on Adobe Premiere Pro.

- SkinKraft

Art Director

University Assignment

Made the advertisment in a week under the guidance of  Deb Medhekar.

Voted third best advertisment out of six in the class.

Was the Art Director for the advertisment.

Smoke The Destiny
- Sound Design

Storytelling through Sound

The two minute sound design project conveys a heartwarming story.

The Batman X The Dark Knight Trilogy

The video edit uses The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Batman Trailer.

- Video Edit

A View To A Kill

Short Film

The excess use of mobile phones effetcing in abandoning of everyday commodites been showcased in the short film.

It's aimed for kids, to present the social message that it carries.

The short film was made in one month, for the final submission at my university and was my first, made with no prior filmamking expierence.

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